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This page is full of photo albums that Dr. Sullivan felt that you might like to share with her.  Keep checking back as content is updated frequently.  To see a larger version of any picture, click on the picture and a larger version will open in another window.  If you wish to see a slideshow of any photo album below, click on a picture in the photo album, after the picture opens in another window, click the Play button that appears under the picture.  A slideshow will play of all of the photos in that album, until you turn it off.  Enjoy!

Camping Adventures

Pike's Peak Challenge and Camping September 2008


Colorado to Alaska

Whittier Kayak Trip

Alaska to Colorado

Quick Trip with Friends September 2008


When I began my journey to visit all 50 states in 2007, I knew I wanted to stay off the freeway's and instead travel the highways and byways of the country.  I enjoy seeing places with history and natural wonders, rather than visiting urban areas.  I had visited several national Park sites when someone I visited on the East Coast told me about the National Park Service's Passport to your National Park System (NPS).

Options include a small passport book with color-coded maps,  NPS site information and lists of all the national park areas in the United States.  In the small passport book, there are also spaces to collect commemorative passport stamps issued yearly by the NPS since 1986.  Each site also has a cancellation stamp with the date of your visit to record your NPS site visits.  There is also a larger Explorer Edition book, a 3-ring binder with the option to buy refill pages to expand its capacity.  The following link has more information:

I started collecting the commemorative stamps and acquiring cancellations when visiting NPS sites.   I have visited many sites since 2007 and I hope to post my yearly logs on this site. when I finally get them organized.

Coming Soon: NPS logs for years 2007-2011
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